My role

I provide housing litigation services relating to all aspects of housing management litigation – particularly in the enforcement of tenancy agreements through possession and injunction proceedings, often arising out of anti-social behaviour, illegal use, trespass and condition of property issues.

My role means I often act quickly to safeguard clients’ tenants and properties, securing injunction orders on an urgent basis and expediting possession proceedings, working closely and pragmatically with instructing officers and partner agencies,

My experience

I have extensive experience of complex aspects of housing litigation including dealing with mental capacity issues (including the High Court case EPHA v Werrett [2015]), public law defences, appeals and cases involving several defendants. My role has provided experience in supporting witnesses through the court process and attending court hearings to represent clients myself wherever possible.

My specialisms

  • Housing litigation
  • Housing management litigation
  • Enforcement of tenancy agreements
  • Safeguarding clients’ tenants and properties
Helpful guidance from the Court of Appeal on starter tenancies

In Ahern v Southern Housing Group Ltd [2017] EWCA Civ 1934, Mr Ahern had opposed Southern HG’s claim for possession against him on ‘public law’ grounds – by arguing that the s21 Notice was invalid because of alleged failures by the landlord to follow its own policy.

Possession proceedings – dealing with disability discrimination defences
Possession proceedings – dealing with disability discrimination defences

The leading case in disability discrimination cases is Ackerman-Livingstone v Aster Communities Ltd [2015] where, in brief, the Supreme Court found that in most cases, where the defence is raised, the landlord will not be able to obtain possession summarily at a first or other short hearing.

New year - new court fee increases for 2016

General 10% uplift to civil court fees Fees will rise across the range of civil proceedings, including enforcement proceedings and also for civil business in magistrates courts.

Challenging Mental Capacity

Facts of the case – The County Court Mr Werrett, the tenant and Defendant in possession proceedings, had suffered brain damage as a child.

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