Actions against public authorities

We recognise that abuse is never the fault of the person who has endured it. We are committed to helping our clients achieve justice, get answers to the questions that remain and, where possible, plan for a brighter future.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we pride ourselves on being different from all other personal injury lawyers, especially where it comes to abuse claims. Our clients choose us not only because we are award-winning specialists, but also because we take a different, caring approach. We are committed to fighting for justice for every single client.

When going through a difficult and traumatic time you need a trusted adviser to help guide you through the legal options available – one who is around to help once your claim has concluded. We work to understand every client’s needs in order to help them rebuild their lives. We know financial security is important, but money is not our sole focus.  We understand that getting treatment and assistance with the difficulties our clients are experiencing is just as vital to their well-being. These could be difficulties with state benefits or the impact on employment or family matters. We can involve a wider team to help with many of these different issues where appropriate.

Our personal injury solicitors are ranked top in the West Midlands and recognised at a national level for their expertise. For many years we have been specialists in a wide variety of areas of personal injury work.

Abuse can take may forms and isn’t always visible.  We have worked with clients who have suffered in many different ways; they have been subject to victims of sexual, physical, emotional or mental abuse, resulting in psychiatric injury, trauma or physical injury. Whether survivors of child abuse or vulnerable adults who are dependent on others for their care, we have advised on, and advanced, claims relating to breaches of an individual’s human rights. 

We are happy to have a meeting or conversation with you to initially discuss your case, the possibility of a compensation claim and your chances of success – this will be free of charge. We will talk to you about what happened, what your options are, how abuse cases often proceed and compensation you could be due. If we are able to help, we will talk to you about the best way for you to fund the cost of your case, including ‘no win no fee agreements’ and other options that might suit your needs. You can read more about legal funding here.

We are also happy talk to you on a no-obligation basis if you already have a solicitor but would like a second opinion. Time limits do apply to abuse claims, so it is important to get advice as soon as you can, particularly where the abuse happened a long time ago.

How we have helped with abuse claims

If you choose Anthony Collins Solicitors, your solicitor will represent you from day one and will always be your point of contact and keep you updated throughout your case. By having one contact, you can be assured that when you talk to them they will know the exact status of your case and be able to answer all of your questions.  They will treat your case with the strictest confidence and and tailor the service provided to your individual needs as what works for one client might not work for you. 

Examples of how our abuse claims team have helped our clients:

  • Securing compensation on behalf of a vulnerable patient who was abused by her care worker;
  • Successfully settling a claim for a young man who, due to the negligence of a social worker, was not placed to live with his grandmother and unnecessarily lived within the care system;
  • Securing compensation for a young lady who was “trafficked to the UK” and suffered sexual abuse as a result;
  • Representing children and adults who have suffered neglect and emotional abuse they received when in the care of a local authority;
  • Successfully settling a number of claims, on behalf of adults and children who should have been placed in the care of the local authority earlier and would have avoided further exposure to significant abuse from their own family or in their own family home; and
  • Obtaining compensation for the family of an elderly lady who died whilst living in a nursing home and who was found to have numerous injuries, as a result of the negligence of the care staff at the home when she died.

 We would like to thank David Evison, and everyone involved in the proceedings, for their professionalism and understanding in a complicated and drawn-out case, reaching a very satisfactory result for us. Thank you again. 


 I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the hard work, time and effort you put in, on both medical and legal grounds, in order to achieve a most satisfactory outcome. Thank you so much for all your excellent work. 



David Evison


Partner in the clinical negligence and personal injury team