Our purpose and values

We are proud of our purpose to improve lives, communities and society. This is reflected in the clients we work with and the sectors we serve. We:

Are purpose-driven

As a firm, we are driven by our purpose and see profit as a means, not an end. We seek to make sufficient profit to invest in the growth of the firm, which in turn furthers our purpose. We ensure that partners and staff are fairly and appropriately rewarded for their hard work.

Everyone at Anthony Collins Solicitors is driven by our purpose and we work with clients who share that purpose. This shared drive, passion and vocation means we are all working to make a difference in the world.

Show respect

As demonstrated in our open-plan offices, role and status are irrelevant, whether operating internally or with people outside of the firm. We see each individual’s potential to make a unique contribution to our success. We are one team and have the humility to know that we cannot do things on our own.

Build relationships

Anthony Collins Solicitors is a place where people can be themselves, we show care and concern for each other and the people we work with. We encourage everyone to reach their full potential and give their best, in a trusting environment. We don’t see our work with clients as transactional. We want to build long-term relationships so that we are able to provide support and gain a more consistent understanding of clients’ goals and help them to achieve them.

Demonstrate integrity

To us this means doing the right thing for our clients, putting them first, even when this might not be to our advantage. We will always operate consistently and fairly, being open and honest. Once we have committed to something, we work hard to deliver, adapting to circumstances where necessary and matching situations to our values.

Deliver excellence

Excellence and innovation are important to us. We take the time to understand our clients’ reality and goals, which enables us to deliver the most appropriate and relevant solution. We encourage learning and development, exploring new ways of doing things so that we are able to provide new solutions to clients’ problems.

Find out more by reading our 2023 Social Impact Report.

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Friday 1 December 2023

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Renters Reform Bill webinar – June 2023

The Renters Reform Bill proposes a seismic change to housing management practices, abolishing assured shorthold tenancies and 21 notices entirely and making changes relating to rent increases, pets, possession grounds and more.

Friday 18 August 2023

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