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Anthony Collins Solicitors has the largest family mediation team in Birmingham. If you are facing divorce or separation, we can help you reach a workable outcome whether that be for children, property, finance or other important family matters. Our experience in both family mediation and law means we can either act for you as a solicitor during the mediation process, or assist you as a family mediator itself.
So, what is the family mediation process?

Family mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which an independent and impartial family mediator will assist both parties to reach a workable outcome, avoiding the need for costly and lengthy court proceedings. Family mediators will help parties to consider options and reality test proposals to see if they are workable.

Why is family mediation so important?

Family mediation provides a cost-effective avenue for separating couples to find amicable conclusions when a relationship comes to an end. Family mediation is even more important for those contemplating a court application. In accordance with legislation from 2011, all separating couples who wish to commence court proceedings to resolve family issues must have first considered family mediation. In the event that they have not attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (often called a MIAM), a court is likely to refuse to hear a case until mediation has been attempted.

How can Anthony Collins Solicitors help you with the family mediation process?

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, we can either act as your solicitors, whereby we advise and represent you in a legal capacity on a consultancy basis, or as your family mediators, where we can assist both parties through the family mediation process.

We have a team of Accredited Family Mediators who are all also qualified family solicitors; this provides them with an invaluable perspective and first-hand experience from both sides of the family mediation table. However, we will only be able to be either your family mediator or act as your solicitor.

Our accredited family mediators: Chris Lloyd-Smith and Maria Ramon, have excellent reputations as both family mediators and solicitors, and are respected in both fields. In addition, Kelly Brown qualified as a family mediator during 2021 increasing the size of our mediation team. This makes us ideal to support your in either capacity. Our offices in Birmingham are also well equipped for holding meetings with you, we have meeting rooms available for us to meet face-to-face with you and act in either of these roles.

Getting started

If you are thinking about or going through the family mediation process, or simply want further information, please contact us here or contact our Accredited Mediators: Chris Lloyd-Smith or Maria Ramon directly.

We’ve produced a glossary of family mediation terms to help you get started.

We can act for couples in different capacities: as their solicitor, or their family mediator:

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