Schools and academies need immediate, clear and pragmatic advice when faced with complex staffing issues.

Our expert employment team has extensive experience of advising on a wide range of employment, pensions and strategic HR issues. We also offer an annual employment and strategic HR support package on a highly competitive, fixed-fee basis. Whether you need support managing day-to-day HR issues or guidance on strategic organisational changes, our team has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

We also provide regular training for schools, academies and other educational organisations on a wide variety of topics, helping to ensure that you are equipped to achieve the outcomes you are looking for and are up to date with the latest guidance and requirements.

We can support with:

  • strategic employment law advice to schools, MATs, dioceses and other education providers;
  • training – we regularly provide training for our clients, ranging from workshops on general employment law to tailored training for senior and middle leaders;
  • team restructures, including advice on process, contracts and terms of employment;
  • strategic pension advice;
  • grievances and disciplinary procedures;
  • TUPE - advising on all aspects relating to transfers and indemnities on outsourcing;
  • discrimination issues;
  • managing allegations against staff;
  • union issues - including collective negotiation and injunctions on industrial action; and
  • exit agreements.
We have been working with Anthony Collins Solicitors over the last two years. Initially they guided our board in establishing the Trust and then have supported us throughout our development, including with extensive due diligence work as new schools have joined us. The employment team have also supported us through some complex staffing issues. ACS approach all our issues sensitively, supporting us to reach the right decision - always remembering our Christian values that drive us. The team at ACS go 'above and beyond' what would normally be expected of a firm of solicitors and it is clear that they are driven by moral purpose.
Christopher Mansell, Birmingham Diocese Academies Trust
The advice received from Anthony Collins Solicitors was clear concise and helpful. They explained the issues involved and the implications of the same so that the Academy was protected; saving valuable time and resources.
Anthony Collins Solicitors has provided invaluable support in ensuring we managed not only the TUPE process but also ensuring we minimised risk to the Trust in the way that we managed changes to the leadership structure. With the support of James Monk, we were able to bring about the necessary changes in a way that was consistent with our approach to managing and valuing staff.
Helena Arnold, Diocesan Director of Education, Diocese of Gloucester.
Helping teachers as people

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As a teacher, or a professional working in the education sector, there are multiple issues that you may face. Whilst we do offer advice about educating children from a variety of backgrounds in a safe and caring environment, we also offer advice to you as an individual. We understand that the pressures and numerous challenges facing those in charge are not always classroom based.

Education is one of our core sectors. This allows us to combine our specialist subject knowledge and experiences with our personal approach to individual cases. Our clients tell us that the service they receive from us is unique, and we believe this comes directly from our commitment to the purpose of our firm: 'to improve lives, communities and society’.

To understand more about how we can help you as an individual click here.

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