We advise on all aspects of contract law for local authorities and those working with local authorities. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process, we can advise at all stages, whether drafting or completing.

At each stage we will provide detailed advice and guidance to ensure all parties are working towards the same result. Once the contract has been formed, negotiated, drafted and executed, we will support you in ensuring that each contracted party fulfils their obligations.

In an ideal world a contract would make everything run smoothly, however, we know this isn’t always the case. If complications ensue we can advise on jurisdictional issues and, if necessary, termination of the contract.

Our commercial contracts support for local government authorities

Our expertise includes advising on, drafting and negotiating commercial and inter-authority arrangements including:

  • IT and telecommunications contracts;
  • Construction and maintenance contracts – both standard form (JCT/NEC) and bespoke;
  • Commercial contracts for goods and services where the local authority is the customer or the provider;
  • Agency agreements including for local authority delegation of function;
  • Contracts for energy projects;
  • Waste contracts in respect of waste disposal, collection and recycling;
  • Leisure services contracts with third-party providers, both private sector and charitable;
  • Joint ventures and projects, including services and works. 

Our experienced team will work in partnership with you and your in-house team (where relevant) to understand your specific needs, and provide tailored advice for your contract requirements. We will be flexible to your needs, whether you want to have a phone call to sense check a particular area of law, or want us to manage the contractual process.

If you need legal support in forming, negotiating, drafting or executing commercial contracts please contact us.

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