Our specialist team of education lawyers have extensive experience of working on multi-academy projects across the country, including the creation of Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), academies joining existing MATs, creative collaborative arrangements for mixed category MATs (church and non-church academies), single and multi-phase groups, diocesan group projects and umbrella trusts.

We know how important it is to be provided with clear, expert advice, so we provide a dedicated team to work in partnership with you throughout the project. Our significant experience in multi-academy trusts has enabled us to develop excellent relationships with the Department for Education (DfE) at all levels, enabling us to access project leads and decision makers quickly and effectively, as well as design academy conversion and sponsor support services that we can offer on a market-leading, fixed-fee basis. Quite simply, we believe that the combination of our values and our expertise is unique and makes a real difference.

We provide these services to support multi-academy trusts and academy sponsorships:

  • A tailored project plan, covering key dates, activities and DfE deadlines.
  • Commercial and governance support, including agreement of the Articles and incorporation of your trust, negotiation and agreement of the Funding Agreement and the Commercial Transfer Agreement.
  • Employment support, including tailored employment law, TUPE and pensions advice.
  • Property support, including dealing with the Land Registry, lease or Supplemental Agreement and providing you with a detailed Report on Title in relation to your buildings, land and estate.
Chris brings his creative thinking to bear on devising pragmatic solutions to complex organisational issues. He is very interested in the concept of social justice and how social capital can be realised through partnerships and has a flair for finding common ground between individuals.
Colin Hopkins, Diocesan Director of Education, Lichfield Diocese.
They have provided excellent legal services in all aspects throughout our journey from a maintained school to a trust school, then to an academy and now to a multi-academy trust. We will have no hesitation in using Anthony Collins Solicitors in the future as more schools join our multi-academy trust and for other legal issues that may arise.
Roy Hepplestone - Executive Principal, Whitehill Community Academy Multi-Academy Trust.
Rajinder has worked on the conversion of a number of schools into academies within our multi-academy trust, over the last three years. In my former role as Executive Principal of a hard federation of a number of high schools in North Staffordshire, she helped to facilitate their conversion into a trust arrangement. Raj communicates most effectively and demonstrates a “can-do” attitude. She is prepared to suggest solutions and is extremely adaptable. I believe that Raj is committed to the provision and improvement of a good-quality service provision.
Keith Hollins, Chief Executive Officer, Staffordshire University Academies Trust.
Helping teachers as people

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As a teacher, or a professional working in the education sector, there are multiple issues that you may face. Whilst we do offer advice about educating children from a variety of backgrounds in a safe and caring environment, we also offer advice to you as an individual. We understand that the pressures and numerous challenges facing those in charge are not always classroom based.

Education is one of our core sectors. This allows us to combine our specialist subject knowledge and experiences with our personal approach to individual cases. Our clients tell us that the service they receive from us is unique, and we believe this comes directly from our commitment to the purpose of our firm: 'to improve lives, communities and society’.

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