One thing you can say with some certainty about the provision of education is that it will involve collaboration.

There are numerous reasons why schools and academies are looking at more formal collaborative structures, ranging from simple memorandum of understandings, to multi-academy trusts and jointly owned companies. Whether you are looking to ensure greater financial security, address pressures on resources, or you are passionate about delivering community services, collaborations will play an increasingly important role, and you will want to ensure that your collaboration delivers value for money for the time you will invest in it, and provides sufficient protection against risk.

Our expert team has a wealth of experience of providing schools, academies, dioceses and other education providers with practical, pragmatic advice, to guide you through the process of establishing the right collaborative arrangement for what you wish to achieve. Quite simply, we believe that the combination of our values and our expertise is unique and makes a real difference.

Our school collaboration service

We provide:

  • The right model for you – advice on the most suitable collaborative model to meet your needs.
  • Presentations and briefings to governing bodies, partners and other stakeholders on the proposed arrangements.
  • All through support – to be with you through the process of establishing your collaboration, facilitating conversations between heads, chairs and partners.
  • Training – we provide bespoke training and seminars on effective collaboration, including the importance of establishing ‘cultural synergy’with potential partners at the outset and forming your vision, values and ethos.
Chris brings his creative thinking to bear on devising pragmatic solutions to complex organisational issues. He is very interested in the concept of social justice and how social capital can be realised through partnerships and has a flair for finding common ground between individuals.
Colin Hopkins, Diocesan Director of Education, Lichfield Diocese.
Helping teachers as people

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As a teacher, or a professional working in the education sector, there are multiple issues that you may face. Whilst we do offer advice about educating children from a variety of backgrounds in a safe and caring environment, we also offer advice to you as an individual. We understand that the pressures and numerous challenges facing those in charge are not always classroom based.

Education is one of our core sectors. This allows us to combine our specialist subject knowledge and experiences with our personal approach to individual cases. Our clients tell us that the service they receive from us is unique, and we believe this comes directly from our commitment to the purpose of our firm: 'to improve lives, communities and society’.

To understand more about how we can help you as an individual click here.

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