My role

As Marketing Communications Manager my role is to oversee any materials that are client facing. This includes event materials, the website, brochures and leaflets, as well as presentation templates and business cards.

I work with people across the firm to make sure they have what they need to support clients and that our messages are consistent. I also oversee the events programme for the firm and work with the marketing team to ensure they run smoothly.

My experience

During my marketing career I have worked in a variety of sectors, from education and public-sector organisations to live music venues and automotive companies, both nationally and internationally, working with teams across Europe and globally. This has enabled me to have a broad career; working on national and international campaigns and product launches, alongside developing websites, social media communications and managing events.

I’ve developed and implemented CRM systems and processes and have experience of data management and analysis. I enjoy managing teams and have worked with teams across different countries managing mixed teams (marketing and data) to meet organisation objectives with targeted activity and ROI analysis.

My specialisms

  • Brand marketing
  • Digital strategy design and implementation
  • Event management
  • CRM planning and development
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