My role

I lead the learning and development activities on behalf of the firm and am a member of Anthony Collins Solicitors’ Executive Board. The function provides development programmes for groups and individuals. This is provided externally by consultants and internally through one-on-one support, executive and performance development coaching, mentoring and training. A great deal of time is also spent embedding and grounding learning in peoples day to day jobs so that it can be used!

My experience

Like many I discovered my vocation as I went along, rather than being born with a clear view and through a combination of parental support (which was part blessing and part curse), good luck, doing OK at school, and the gradual realisation that hard work made a difference is how I got interested in learning and development. Eventually, I finally figured out that I had to follow this interest and have been trying to get better at as I go by. I believe that for each of us how we end up is mainly down to how we see ourselves and I am passionate about encouraging people to ‘get over themselves!’.

My specialisms

  • People and team development
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring

Latest articles

Happy 35th Birthday AvMA!
Happy 35th Birthday AvMA!

AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) is celebrating its 35th birthday this year!

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