Being your family mediator

With the largest family mediation team in Birmingham, if you are facing divorce or separation, we can help you reach a workable outcome whether that be for children, property, finance or other important family matters. Our experience in both family mediation and law means we can either act for you as a solicitor during the family mediation process or assist you as a family mediator itself.

When a relationship breaks down, whether you are married or not, problems can arise about children, money or property. Family mediation can help all parties involved resolve issues around how assets will be divided, what will happen to the family home and who is to care for any children. Family mediation isn’t just for couples and parents of children; we also support grandparents who are struggling to gain access to see their grandchildren. Whatever your personal requirements are we can help; we offer sole or co-mediation, as well as single male, single female or mixed co-mediator meetings, as well as direct consultation with children (child-inclusive mediation sessions).

Our experienced family mediation team has the knowledge, experience and sensitivity to assist individuals and their families through periods of uncertainty and difficulty. The majority of our family mediators are accredited by the Family Mediation Council, so we have the experience to guide you through the whole process of family mediation – from your first meeting to writing up the conclusions of your sessions. Our family mediators – ChrisMaria and Kelly – assist with negotiations to encourage settlement. We work with both parties to provide impartial, unbiased, legal information. Once conclusions are reached, we provide written summaries that enable those parties involved, or their legal advisors, to draw up binding agreements. 

Why should you take part in family mediation?

Family mediation can be a quick, cost-effective alternative to litigation, and allows parties to take control and reach conclusions themselves. Family mediators will help parties to hold discussions in a constructive and positive manner.

Helping people to reach conclusions during the family mediation process

During the family mediation process, parties are encouraged to consider multiple options. The family mediator is not concerned about achieving the overall best results but aims to support the couple in reaching conclusions that both parties are content with, and are right for the couple. We assess proposals and provide analysis as to whether they achieve the goals set out by the parties in family mediation or whether there are other options that better fit the parties’ family mediation objectives. If needed, we can reality test proposals and look at their short, medium and long-term viability. Crucially, even if there is a successful outcome to family mediation, the conclusions reached are without prejudice and not legally binding. If conclusions are reached, however, we are able to provide our expert judgement as to what such conclusions would likely be evidenced by the court.

During family mediation, the family mediator may feel that expert information is required. Often, in financial matters, experts such as surveyors, pension experts or accountants will be required, and in child matters, child psychologists or family therapists may be required. We can provide parties with details of experts we regularly use and trust, such as surveyors, counsellors, pension experts and parenting support providers, and, if you would like us to, we can instruct them on your behalf.

Whether you are marriedin a civil partnership, living together, in a same-sex relationship or grandparents, our experienced family mediation team can help with:

Legal aid

Legal aid is potentially available to those considering mediation. If you think you might be eligible, please use this calculator to find out more. Here at Anthony Collins Solicitors, we are unable to offer family mediation services where legal aid is concerned, we can help you with finding legal-aid family mediation providers if you are eligible. We can still act as your solicitor, however, if you choose to have legal aid family mediation. Find out how this works here.

For further information

To find out more about how we can be your family mediator, please contact a member of our mediation teamChris Lloyd-Smith, Maria Ramon or Kelly Brown.

We’ve produced a glossary of family mediation terms to help you get started.

Other organisations that can support you with marriage counselling, citizens advice, domestic violence and parenting support can be found here.

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