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Chris Lloyd-Smith


Partner in the matrimonial team

My role

I am a partner in the matrimonial team at Anthony Collins Solicitors. I predominantly deal with divorce and financial matters, as well as associated children issues. I am a resolution accredited specialist, for both financial matters and those involving children, as well as being an accredited family mediator and authorised to conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs).

My experience

I have particular experience in dealing with complex financial matters arising from divorce, especially those where there are business assets pension or trust assets. With regard to child matters, I have acted in a number of parental alienation cases as well as those where allegation of violence have been made against a parent or child.

As an accredited family mediator I have mediated numerous financial and child-related matters. I receive most of my instructions from other solicitors as well as directly from the court. I have also been elected as chair of Resolution’s West Midlands group.

‘Christopher Lloyd-Smith is doing incredibly well, the firm is a “go to mediation firm” and Chris is a “go to” mediator.’ Legal 500, 2021

‘Chris Lloyd-Smith is a trained mediator as well as a partner in the department. He is able to give his clients clear, focused advice at a very early stage. He is extremely well respected with his peers which means that he strikes up an easy rapport with the other side in cases. His people skills are phenomenal. He will often be able to bring about a satisfactory conclusion in some of the most acrimonious of cases.’ – Legal 500, 2022

“Christopher puts clients at ease but never loses sight of what they need on their particular case, combining his knowledge of the law with a realistic view of the matter.” “He is detailed, pragmatic and quickly gets to grips with the most complex cases.” – Chambers and Partners, 2022

My specialisms

  • Divorce and separation matters
  • Matrimonial finance
  • Pre/post nuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation disputes
  • Family mediation


My latest articles

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