Our social purpose

Our social purpose


Looking beyond social purpose in 2023

B Corp accreditation, in our 50th anniversary, reflects our commitment to society, staff and the environment.

Success should never be measured by shareholder value alone. At Anthony Collins, we judge success by the social impact of our work. How have we helped our clients improve the lives of individuals, communities and society.

On our 50th anniversary, we’re delighted that this commitment to social purpose has been recognised with a prestigious B Corp accreditation.


About B Corp

B Corp is a global scheme that recognises commercial businesses for their ability to improve society and reduce the impact on the environment.

Companies are evaluated on how their business success is measured, shifting the focus more to people and the planet, as well as profit.

Their standards are rigorous. Of the five million businesses in the UK, only a thousand are accredited as B Corporations. Anthony Collins is just the fourth law firm in the UK to achieve the accreditation, joining global brands like Patagonia and Innocent.

What does this mean for our clients?

Our accreditation proves that we’re not simply marking our own homework when we talk about social purpose. It means our advice, our culture and our commitments, aligns with the work and aspirations of our clients, many of whom are in the charity sector.

What does this mean for the environment?

Becoming a B Corporation commits us to plan constant improvements in our environmental impact. While we work on many green projects with our clients, we recognise that there’s more we can do to be a more sustainable business ourselves.

As part of the B Corp community, we benefit from support and resources to help us develop a plan for the future of the planet as well as the future of the business.

What does this mean for our people?

We scored well for our work with the community which we know means a lot to the people who work here. As well as supporting charities such as the Child Brain Injury Trust and the Sepsis Trust, we now partner with youth homeless charity, St Basils, and mental health charity, Birmingham Mind.

For the team at Anthony Collins, B Corp accreditation means that we are firmly committed to a more inclusive and fairer workplace. We subscribe to policies such as blind recruitment, a living wage, profit share, and a triple bottom line embedded in good governance, economic impact and social mobility.

This is just the start. B Corp has given us a benchmark to build on in future years and fully align our actions and our business with our goals of social purpose.

“You cannot have a successful business where wider society or the environment loses out – and that is what creates a more profitable and sustainable business model.”
Peter Hubbard, senior partner

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