My role

I advise social housing providers on all property issues and specialise in stock rationalisation, the right to buy and residential development. I regularly provide technical advice and training on all forms of the right-to-buy scheme and oversee the conveyancing work that we do at ACS. I work closely with agents in the sector to bring stock rationalisation deals to the market and successfully take them through to completion. I also advise clients on large-scale residential development projects including joint ventures.

My experience

I was part of the team who advised on the design and implementation of the first VRTB Pilot and coordinated the delivery of 280 of the sales. I project manage large-scale stock rationalisation projects for national registered providers and in 2017/18, I oversaw the transfer of 3,500 homes between different organisations across a number of multi-million-pound transactions. On a recent joint venture development, we secured the delivery of 446 new affordable homes in the East Midlands across three sites.

I was part of the team advising the five Voluntary RTB pilot home associations and coordinated the delivery of 280 of these sales. I’ve project managed several large stock acquisition projects for national registered providers to, as well as large-scale residential development projects.

My specialisms

  • Right To Buy
  • Stock rationalisation
  • Development
  • Landlord and tenant
Voluntary right to buy: what’s new?
Voluntary right to buy: what’s new?

The briefing paper (Introducing a voluntary Right to Buy for housing association tenants in England) sets out the story so far, summarises the findings of the first VRTB Pilot research (see our briefing here) and confirms the latest position.

Voluntary Right To Buy Pilot: Lessons Learnt
Voluntary Right To Buy Pilot: Lessons Learnt

The report sets out the findings of the detailed research undertaken to better assess key aspects of the VRTB, such as profiling of tenants and stock, and the level of demand.

VRTB - time to get ready

Policies The area associations need to focus on now is developing their policies (on discretion and sales).  In its guidance the NHF has provided a list of policy areas to consider and issues to take into account when drafting policies.

Where next on the road to VRTB?
Where next on the road to VRTB?

What does it mean? The Secretary of State (“SoS”), under regulations following the HPA16, has the power to make ‘grants’ to housing associations in respect of right-to-buy discounts.

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