My role

I’m a Senior Associate in the family team, and act as a family mediator undertaking case work, as well as supervising and mentoring junior solicitors.

My experience

Complex issues involving pension and business structures are matters I deal with frequently, as well as other financial and child issues following relationship breakdowns. I also deal with the implementation of asset protection measures including drafting “living together” agreements, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and separation agreements.

I’m an Accredited Family Mediator, and in addition to traditional separation and divorce work I undertake a substantial amount of mediation work.

My specialisms

  • Divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation agreeements
  • Financial and child issues on divorce, and between former cohabitants
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and living together agreements
  • Family mediation
I have been recognised for the work I do
What's mine is (not) yours!

A big fear for some people facing divorce and the inevitable carving up of the matrimonial assets. They seek assurances that such assets will be “ring-fenced” and retained for them.

Prenuptial agreements – Are you serious?!
Prenuptial agreements – Are you serious?!

All couples contemplating marriage, irrespective of their financial or other circumstances, and well before they fix a date for their marriage, should consider the need and suitability of a Prenup.

Anthony Collins Solicitors announces MIAMs service

Qualified mediators and senior associates, Elisabeth Howe and Maria Ramon, are able to assess a couple's suitability for mediation, with the authority to sign FM1 forms to permit court applications to be pursued where necessary.

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