It is of course important to note that care of this kind is not universal. However, according to inquiries received by Anthony Collins Solicitors and existing clients, poor care, unanswered requests for help, enforced incontinence and basic neglect is unfortunately all too common in the care of elderly people.

It is well publicised that there are significant issues in the UK in respect of managing an ageing population, coupled with an increasing degree of cuts in funding to public services for significantly vulnerable people. This tragically can lead to elderly vulnerable patients being subjected to unacceptable care.

The care system in the UK requires proper and stringent regulation. The most important aspect of that system, basic care,  is the responsibility of an often poorly paid and inadequately trained workforce, who through no fault of their own are unable to manage the demands of elderly patients who in some circumstances can provide significant challenges. Sadly in a marketplace run by businesses who must aim to operate at a profit, time constraints sometimes prevent those members of staff being able to give the standard of care they themselves would like to provide.

Anthony Collins Solicitors is committed to representing the interests of the most vulnerable members of society. We have acted for numerous clients who have been subjected to abuse or received unacceptable care and have a wealth of experience in advising families who are concerned about the care their loved ones are receiving.

We can help secure compensation, seek a full explanation or an apology and can also assist with the determination of care/funding in appropriate circumstances. We also have a team committed to providing advice and acting on behalf of those people who have lost the capacity to make decisions regarding their own care.

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