• There are additional powers for CPO making authorities to enter on and survey land. Most organisations making housing and planning CPOs (which are the kind housing associations are likely to encounter most) have these already.
  • HPA16 aims to streamline the process for confirming CPOs by the confirming authority or potentially an Inspector and requires the Secretary of State to publish a timetable for confirming CPOs.
  • Development programmes reliant on CPOs will need to take account of the extension to 3 months of the notice period required before land will vest (ie. transfer to the acquiring authority) or possession can be taken following the service of the relevant declaration or notice.
  • To standardise and speed up the compensation process, the Secretary of State will be able to introduce standard application forms for compensation and interest will be payable where acquiring authorities are late in paying advance payments of compensation.
  • More substantial changes to the CPO process could be ahead with the government consultation on the process currently underway.

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