My role

I co-lead our procurement and construction team, helping registered providers, local authorities, arms-length management organisations and buying clubs with all aspects of procurement and related arrangements, including governance structures.

My experience

My nearly 20 years here at Anthony Collins Solicitors followed seven years in-house in local government. After some time specialising in governance and large regeneration projects (including PFI/PPP), most of my work recently has involved helping clients with procurement, development and maintenance arrangements.

I wrote the National Housing Federations' 'Guide to the EU procurement rules', 'Authoritative practical guidance to the housing sector', and is discussing a 3rd edition with the National Housing Federation. Subsequent publications include the 'Contract management guide', working alongside echelon Consultancy and 'Procurement in Practice: Avoiding the pitfalls and getting the best result'.

My specialisms

  • Public procurement
  • Construction
  • Structuring maintenance arrangements
  • Development arrangements and frameworks
  • Compulsory purchase
Brexit is not frustrating!

“Frustration” enables a party to get out of a contract where new circumstances make performance of that contract impossible or illegal.

New Year, New Public Procurement Thresholds
New Year, New Public Procurement Thresholds

Once again it’s time for “rebasing” of the EU public procurement thresholds to the euro figures in the EU Procurement Directive. This happens every two years, and this time the thresholds have gone up.

Court of Appeal upholds “MAP” route to termination
Court of Appeal upholds “MAP” route to termination

The contract in question is the NHF (National Housing Federation) Schedule of Rates Form of Contract 2011, which we, at Anthony Collins Solicitors, comprehensively revised and updated for Rand/M3 in 2011, and still keep up-to-date for them.

“Not having your cake and eating it.”
“Not having your cake and eating it.”

The Opinion covers the question whether a subsidiary that is entitled to provide works, services or supplies to its parent without the need for an EU tender process (1) has to follow the EU procurement rules for its own purchases.

Procurement – Clawback risks for ERDF/ESF funding
Procurement – Clawback risks for ERDF/ESF funding

In Județul Neamț and Județul Bacău v Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale și Administrației Publice, Cases C260 and 261/14 the ECJ upheld a 5% clawback of ERDF grants from two local authorities.

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