Meet our team / Gayle Monk

Gayle Monk

Legal director

Legal director in the projects team

My role

I am a legal director working with councils and the wider public, private and third-sector clients on their relationships, both contractual or corporate. I advise on public procurement and state aid, and the delivery of public services through contracts, joint ventures or other vehicles. I focus on achieving social value and community benefit through those public services

My experience

I have advised councils and others in the public sector on their procurement processes and contracts, and alternative delivery models for public services including Teckal and trading companies and joint ventures. I have also advised third and private sector organisations on their relationships with the public sector, be it through Big Lottery or EU funding, or through public procurement processes.

My specialisms

  • Public procurement and state aid
  • Delivery of public services
  • Local government companies and joint ventures
  • Social value and community benefits


My latest articles

Procurement Bill – Modification of contracts
Procurement Bill – Modification of contracts

Even fans of the current regulation 72 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015), regarding modifications to existing contracts, will admit that it is convoluted and difficult to navigate. 

Social Value and Public Procurement – A Legal Guide

For others, it was business as usual as this was already something they had embedded into their procurement practices. Whether you are new to seeking social value through contracts, or […]

Welcome to the new EU procurement regime!

After that date each EU member state, including the UK, has 2 years in which to implement the new Directives (other than the electronic tendering provisions, where the period is […]

A big year for public sector purchasers

Having received the approval of both the European Commission and Parliament in January, and promises of swift implementation by the Cabinet Office, we have had a wait to see the […]

EU procurement – changes are afoot

The EU has been working on three new procurement Directives (for utilities, public sector procurement, and concessions).  This has been a lengthy process but at long last these new Directives […]

The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 come into force later this month

The 2015 Regulations represent some significant changes for purchasers across the public sector, who now have a short window in which to consider the changes that are needed to their […]

Crown Commercial Service shows quiet support for achieving social and environmental goals through procurement

The guidance is little more than a précis of the social and environmental aspects of European procurement rules as implemented by the Regulations (and, if you don’t want to read […]

EU procurement and the minimum wage: German law for Polish workers?

In this case, the contracting authority (City of Dortmund) included a requirement in its EU tender process that the chosen contractor comply (and crucially, that its subcontractors comply) with the […]

The Environment Agency talks rubbish!

In December 2014 the Environment Agency (the “EA”) published a Briefing Note entitled “Separate Collection of Recyclables” which details the approach it intends to take to compliance with producers’ and […]

Living in a material world…

Pressetext confirmed that to change a contract in a material way was to defeat the purpose of the original competition to such an extent that, if a challenge were received, […]