Our experienced solicitors provide support and advice to social enterprises on all aspects of saving, buying and producing energy.

We can provide support on all aspects of energy including social enterprises that are generators or suppliers of community energy, looking to improve SAP ratings of your stock, replacing your communal energy systems or requiring Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) arrangements to save energy.

Living in cold conditions can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of your tenants and can affect their health, education and work outcomes. We regularly work with social enterprises to develop asset-management strategies such as installing external or internal wall insulations, to reduce fuel poverty and improve living conditions for tenants.

We can support social enterprises with community-energy installations such as rooftop solar panels, biomass boilers and district heating systems. With the reduction in the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) came a decrease in rooftop solar installations, however they are no longer reliant on FiT subsidy and are making a return. The issues with funders are still prevalent but are surmountable.

The changes in energy marketing have made producing your own energy and selling on any excess a realistic and exciting prospect for both high and lower energy use business. We can guide social enterprises through this process and can also advise on the different funding models for retrofitting schemes to save energy.

Funding energy improvements to non-tenanted assets, through savings from utility bills, can be a complex but ultimately rewarding way of investing in communal or commercial assets.

Our experienced solicitors have many years of experience working with community organisations to manage the risk areas in these EPC arrangements including the extent to which savings are guaranteed, re-basing energy costs when changes happen in your organisation and looking at defects and response times if energy-saving equipment turns out to be faulty.

Our understanding of the different funding regimes for energy saving works such as CESP (Community Energy Savings Programme), ECO 1 and 2, renewable heat-incentive payments and funding through ERDF, make us well placed to advise community organisations on energy saving.

Our saving, buying and producing energy service

Our experienced energy team can:

  • Support organisations looking to improve SAP ratings of their stock. 
  • Advise on replacing communal energy systems, such as large-scale rooftop energy installations to biomass boilers and district heating systems.
  • Advise on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) arrangements to save energy.
  • Support organisations to improve the living conditions of tenants.
  • Advise social business organisations on developing asset-management strategies
  • Support and advise on producing and selling energy.

The opportunities to produce green energy, sell energy or save energy through retrofitting to lift tenants out of fuel poverty have never been greater.  We are committed to this agenda, and this assists us to understand your overall objectives and drive projects through with you on this basis.


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