Care home negligence compensation claim

If you live in a care home or residential home, you can expect to receive the same standard of care from the care, nursing and medical professionals that you would if you were in a hospital. Nowadays, people are living longer and there is a need for adequately equipped and professional carers to look after elderly and vulnerable patients in care homes. Unfortunately from time to time mistakes are made and the care home fails in their duty to those under their care.

We represent clients who have suffered injury or their health has deteriorated in care homes due to the negligence of the healthcare professionals involved with their care and treatment.  Claims can arise because of prescription errors, not taking steps to reduce the risk of falls, allowing pressure sores to develop, not providing adequate support with eating and drinking and other failings.

Alternatively, a person might be entitled to bring a personal injury claim as a result of the injury they suffered. The line between medical negligence and personal injury can be a grey area. However, we are specialists in both areas so have the expertise to assist you whatever the issue.

Pressure sores can often be avoided if simple procedures are followed when caring for a vulnerable patient or prevented from worsening further if treated appropriately. Pressure sores cause a lot of pain and can take a long time to heal, particularly when the patient is elderly or has a serious condition such as diabetes. Serious pressure sores can lead to infection which may ultimately restrict the patient’s ability to walk and be independent.

How can we help you in the unfortunate instance of a care home claim

We have experience securing compensation for many people who have received poor care in care and residential homes. We have successfully pursued claims against local authorities, healthcare Trusts and private care providers. When representing clients we often seek compensation to fund private medical care and assistance in the future so that our clients can afford the best quality care in the future.

Find out here what happens in a typical negligence compensation case. If you find yourself in need of support regarding a care home claim through personal injury or medical negligence, please contact us.

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