Care home claims, due to personal injury

People living in care and residential homes should receive the care they need to ensure they are safe and protected from harm. People are living longer too, so there is an even greater need for well-equipped and professional carers to look after elderly and vulnerable patients in care homes. But unfortunately, sometimes, residents are put at risk because of inadequacies in care, unsafe accommodation, inadequate provision of equipment or other failings.

If a resident suffers an injury in a care home or residential home, they might be entitled to bring a personal injury or medical negligence claim. The line between personal injury and medical negligence can be a grey area, however, we are specialists in both areas so have the expertise to assist you whatever the issue.

Often individuals in a care home are prone to falling unless they are provided with appropriate mobility aids or adequately supervised.  Careless handling and inadequate monitoring could be the cause for an unnecessary fall which would be avoidable with proper care.  Unsafe accommodation and equipment can also cause injuries which should be avoidable, such as inadequate bannisters, uneven floors and unsafe lifting equipment to name a few.

How we can help if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having to raise a care home claim

Rushbrooke v HM Coroner for West London – Sarah Huntbach acts in successful challenge to Coroner’s Inquest Verdict

Whilst an inpatient at the hospital, it was discovered that Mrs Rushbrooke had three separate fractures to her leg.

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