Employment dispute advice

Our team of Employment lawyers recognise how important your job is for you and understand that for many employees dealing with difficult situations at work can be stressful.  At times like this, clear and supportive advice can make all the difference.

We are committed to helping you make the right decisions, which could involve helping you decide whether to take a job and agree the terms of joining, or helping you to decide whether to leave a job and assisting you with the terms of  your departure.   We are able to set out your options clearly and simply, and can explain what rights you have as an employee in order to help you manage your situation. 

Our Employment lawyers are not only specialists in their field but also aim to provide practical and pragmatic advice in a professional, friendly and cost effective manner.  We have a team of ten employment solicitors who are all members of the Employment Lawyers Association.  Our Employment Law team recognises the need to provide expert legal knowledge, but to do so commercially and to help you resolve unwanted situations quickly.

Our services

Services we provide include:

  • Advising on settlement agreements (previously known as compromise agreements) – we will advise you on the terms contained within the agreement and can help you to assess your options.  We can also advise you on whether you are being offered a good deal and, if not, what you could do about it. Clients often ask us to negotiate on their behalf, but we are equally able to guide you through negotiations;
  • Advice on disciplinary and grievance procedures – we can assist you if you are facing disciplinary proceedings or if you would like support in raising a grievance.  Our team can also help you understand where such procedures might end up, how best to approach them and what your options are for dealing with the process and its outcome;
  • Negotiating executive severance packages – we can help you assess your situation and set appropriate goals for the negotiation.  We can negotiate on your behalf or guide you through the negotiations;
  • Advice on restrictive covenants and confidentiality;
  • Advice on contracts of employment and policies; and
  • Representing you or and guiding you through employment tribunal proceedings – from unfair dismissal through to discrimination and breach of contract claims (along with many more), we are committed to providing you with the support that you need with your claim and to achieving the best result that we can for you.  Our Employment Law team has a long track record in securing excellent results for our clients, whether by settling a claim or by representation at an Employment Tribunal.

As one of the West Midlands most successful and respected law firms, our solicitors are passionate about delivering expert legal advice to support you to achieve a successful resolution to your legal issue. Our advice is practical, clear and we work with our clients to guide them through every step the legal process. Our experienced teams have the knowledge, experience and sensitivity to assist individuals and their families through periods of uncertainty and difficulty. 

If you have an employment query, contact us today for an efficient and personal service. To have an initial chat and find out how we can help you please contact Matthew Gregson.


Matthew Gregson


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