We can help you to assess the needs of your board and board members and trustees, and support you as you recruit them.

Once in post, we can provide coaching, mentoring and support for chairs and board members on specific and/or ongoing issues, and we offer a wide range of general and bespoke training to boards covering duties and responsibilities, governance, charity law and regulation, legal compliance, and on strategic projects of all descriptions. We can help you to assess your board’s performance and improve it, and if things don’t go so well, we can support you in resolving challenging performance issues.

Board member training

An organisation is only as good as its board, and the higher the performance of the board the more successful the organisation. To help get the very best out of boards and board members, we provide support to boards from beginning to end. Our support covers the technical legal issues as well as the whole spectrum of board development and performance. We also work with executive teams to enable them to build strong, collaborative relationships with their boards, to get the very best out of their board members.

Many of us are trustees or board members ourselves, and we understand that the bar is continually raised for board and board members, performance-wise. Our support and training is devised specifically with this in mind, to give boards, chairs and board members/trustees a clear understanding of their role and to support them in delivering excellent performance, both individually and collectively.

As well as legal expertise, our team includes Chris Rogerson, a (non-lawyer) high-performance coach, who has worked with businesses, teams and individuals for over 20 years. 

Provisions within the Housing and Planning Act that remove the need for housing associations (“HAs”) to obtain consent from the Regulator to dispose of social housing (as well as to merge or enter new group structures) come into force on 6 April.

Such freedoms will allow HAs greater flexibility over how they use their assets and, potentially, how they structure their businesses. Our expert panel gathered to discuss the possible opportunities the deregulatory measures offer, together with the likely hurdles. Read the outcome of their discussion here.

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