The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) is a charity that aims to improve social mobility for high-achieving children from low-income backgrounds. They support students from Year 12 and throughout their university experience, covering eleven career sectors, including law. Students can get support with skills sessions, careers workshops and university applications.

On 23 July, trainees from Anthony Collins Solicitors will host an ‘experience day’, which will involve various activities and presentations, with lawyers and non-lawyers from across the firm.

Anthony Collins Solicitors works closely with SMF, with members of the firm acting as mentors to students; supporting them with professional development, university applications or with new experiences they are facing, such as their first internship or first job.

We are looking forward to welcoming the students and hope it will help with their decisions on whether to pursue a career within a law firm – whether as a lawyer or one of the other varied roles on offer.

You can find out more about the work of SMF on their website