A review was carried out following concerns in respect of an unregulated "cleavage -sparing" mastectomy that was performed by Mr Ian Paterson on hundreds of women suffering with breast cancer.  Concerns were also raised in respect of women offered unnecessary surgery.

The review highlights that Senior Managers in the Trust did not respond effectively to concerns expressed about Mr Paterson until December 2007 and then their response was not sufficiently robust nor rigorous.  Further to that, other staff members did not go to the GMC or to the regulator despite their own growing concerns and breast care nurses went along with Mr Paterson's assurances despite this being contrary to their training.  The review also felt that the Trust sought to contain the fallout once an investigation commenced and focused on Mr Paterson rather than the patients involved.

The full report can be accessed here.

Our clinical negligence solicitors currently act on behalf of a number of women who have concerns in respect of the treatment offered by Mr Paterson both at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and those procedures conducted on a private basis at Spire Healthcare institutions.

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