The visit marked the start of their Conductive Education Awareness Week, which is a very important week in NICE’s year, both for fundraising and increasing awareness of their work.

When we visited NICE it was clear how much the charity means to the pupils and their relatives, with some families travelling from abroad so that their children can benefit from conductive education. The staff and conductors are all truly passionate about making a difference to their students’ lives.

As the staff spend so much of their time focusing on the education of the children and fundraising for the charity, they were very grateful for the opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea and some well-deserved cake!

NICE is part of a charitable organisation that delivers conductive education, which teaches conscious movement strategies to children and adults with neurological movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, strokes and Parkinson’s. Conductive education allows them to gain greater control over their movements, leading to increased confidence, skills and a higher level of potential.

NICE also provides valuable support to families through parent workshops, diagnosis specific carers group and an open-policy allowing family members to observe sessions and learn from the conductors.

You can find out more about NICE and the people they help here.