Anthony Collins Solicitors is supporting Resolution’s Good Divorce Week commencing on 29 November. 

I could never have imagined back in November 2016 when I attended the House of Commons to lobby my MP with many other Resolution members that it would have taken so long. Finally, in June 2020 the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill received Royal Assent. It is set to become a reality in April 2022 and people wanting a divorce will no longer have to play the blame game.

On average, three out of five people petitioning for divorce cite conduct as the reason for the marriage breakdown that is, on current law, an accusation of adultery or unreasonable behaviour. In 2015 a survey by YouGov found 27% of those initiating divorce said that they had made up the allegations. The manipulation of the truth for the sake of a legal construct does nothing to preserve the remnant of a relationship, particularly if there are children involved. Not knowing just how unreasonable 'unreasonable behaviour' must be, encourages petitioners to throw at it the kitchen sink.

But now with the new law, spouses will be able to achieve a good divorce, making the best of a bad situation, despite all, taking responsibility for their own circumstances and getting through the process without the acrimony and accusations they had to endure before.

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