She then developed sepsis and sadly died. The coroner today confirmed there was no doubt that neglect, in terms of the medical treatment she should have received played a major part in Freya’s untimely death.

Freya attended hospital in respiratory distress on 21st November 2012 where she should have received basic but nonetheless urgent medical attention but sadly never did. Today’s inquest made it clear that one doctor in particular grossly failed Freya, her family and indeed her own colleagues by not recognising the severity of the child’s condition, which included signs of septic shock, until she spoke to an on-call consultant.

The Inquest heard evidence that in hindsight, the same doctor would have given intravenous antibiotics and a fluid bolus, procedures which medical experts confirmed would have save Freya’s life.

The case sadly highlights the gross failings in Freya’s care and that the tragedy of her death was avoidable had appropriate and urgent steps been undertaken. The case centred on inadequate communication; the failure to recognise an obvious and escalating high risk condition and most importantly, the taking of personal responsibility to ensure appropriate treatment and a specialist referral for a very sick child.

Family members are now relieved and pleased that the Coroner’s Inquiry has determined what really happened to Freya on 21st and 22nd November 2012. The Coroner, for the first time in his court confirmed that he would be writing to the General Medical Council (GMC) recommending the suspension of the doctor in question pending a formal investigation.

Our team will now consider next steps with Freya’s family in respect of any formal action they may wish to take against Kingston Hospital NHS Trust.

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