70 feet are coming together – in spirit if not in body – to do the equivalent of seven London Marathons this Sunday to raise money for the UK Sepsis Trust.

The UK Sepsis Trust is an amazing charity that helps survivors of sepsis and their families, in addition to improving patient care to prevent sepsis in the first place.  You might well know someone who has had sepsis – 245,000 people are affected by it every year in the UK.

But, as with many charities, it has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  The London Marathon has been cancelled on Sunday 26 April but our team of 35 people are joining forces to do the marathon many times over.

Everyone is doing 2.6 miles, or 2, 3, 4 and even 5 loops of 2.6 miles, as part of their daily exercise, whilst observing social distancing guidelines.  Our feet will hurt and our legs will ache, so we’d love your support here on JustGiving.

If we could raise £1,000 we could pay for staff training, education and awareness resources for a whole hospital or five regional support groups for sepsis survivors.

Just a thought, if you have saved money whilst pubs, restaurants and the like have been banned, perhaps you could consider donating a share of what you’ve saved to help?