Anthony Collins Solicitors are proud to announce that we are now a ‘Brighter Futures Partner’ with the charity Meningitis Now.

Meningitis Now work tirelessly to educate individuals and families on the early detection signs, symptoms and vaccination importance of this widespread life-threatening disease, in order to prevent as many tragic incidences as possible.

Meningitis awareness is an issue that we’re very passionate about, having witnessed the catastrophic effects of meningitis first-hand; having worked with and secured substantial settlements for clients whose contraction of the disease has left them in a life-changing condition, through circumstances that should have otherwise been avoided.

Their families have benefitted greatly from the support and information that Meningitis Now has provided to them, as they continue to come to terms with the impact the disease has had on those closest to them.

By supporting Meningitis Now through their fundraising, we hope to aid them in their goal to eliminate deaths from meningitis and provide support to everyone affected, to help rebuild their lives. The following is a selection of events that we’ve been involved with to help promote this worthy cause.

Five Valleys Walk

On 30 September, 3 intrepid teams from Anthony Collins Solicitors traversed five valleys in the Cotswolds as part of our ongoing fundraising for Meningitis Now, walking a total of 21 miles in completion of the famed circuit – a regular calendar fixture that Meningitis Now have been organising for over 30 years.

Proceeds were raised through charitable employee donations, as well as through a competition to ‘guess how many steps’ were covered throughout the duration of the 21-mile walk, where staff could donate £2 per guess, with a prize on offer for the closest guess to the pedometer’s final count.

Student awareness campaign

Every year, Meningitis Now attend universities’ Freshers’ Week to raise awareness of the disease amongst students; an age where susceptibility to meningitis contraction can unfortunately be prevalent.

This year, Anthony Collins Solicitors attended one of our local universities, Aston University, during Freshers’ Week to support Meningitis Now in distributing information to students on the signs and symptoms, as well as highlighting the importance of vaccination against this potentially devastating disease.

House of Commons attendance

Senior Associate Sarah Huntbach has been invited to attend the House of Commons in late October as a guest of Meningitis Now, to hear about the unveiling of the findings of a UK-wide survey that will reveal the true extent of the hidden risk that meningitis poses to adults, particularly those aged over 55.

Partnership with MRF

Another meningitis charity we are pleased to have a relationship with is Meningitis Research Foundation. We will be supporting them in their aims to tackle meningitis and septicaemia, and look forward to helping them make a difference by reducing the spread and impact of these diseases in any way possible.

For more information

If you would like more information about Anthony Collins Solicitor’s involvement with Meningitis Now or to enquire about meningitis-related claims, please contact Sarah Huntbach.