It is a requirement that the 2006 Charities Act has to be reviewed after five years with the aim of looking at both effectiveness and at any further changes that need to be made to the legal and regulatory framework for charities. The review will recommend changes to both the framework and the role of the Charity Commission as regulator of the charity sector.

Lord Hodgson said, “I want to discover where the legal framework is working and where it’s letting charities and the public down so we can try and put it right. The Charities Act 2006 changed the legal framework and it is right that the effect of these changes should now be assessed. It is also important that the law be made fit for purpose looking ahead, given the new challenges and opportunities that charities now face.”

The event held at Anthony Collins Solicitors was attended by over 40 delegates who were invited to take part in a round table discussion and to give feedback on the 2006 Act. These included representatives from Wateraid, County Air Ambulance Trust, Charitable Trusts West Midlands, Families Need Fathers West Midlands, Big Lottery Fund, Restricted Growth Association and Churches’ Legislation Advisory Service amongst others. The feedback gained from the session will inform Lord Hodgson’s recommendations.

Romaine Thompson, Senior Partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors said, “As a firm we’re nationally recognised as leaders in charity law and are committed to helping charities meet the legal challenges they may face. We’re delighted to have played a part in this review and we’re hopeful that it will result in less red tape for charities to have to overcome in the future. Thanks to all involved.”

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