The area associations need to focus on now is developing their policies (on discretion and sales).  In its guidance the NHF has provided a list of policy areas to consider and issues to take into account when drafting policies.

As solicitors to the VRTB Pilot we are in a good position to help; policies need to take into account potential complaints and challenges so need to be carefully drafted.

It is for each association to consider their own policy.  The NHF list is not exhaustive, for example, the Demolition Notice procedure does not apply to the VRTB so capturing properties affected by potential redevelopment proposals is important.

We can help you develop your policy through an interactive tool we have developed right through to the final policy and board reports.

Sales Process

You may be familiar with the sales process for the RTA and/or (P)RTB but the VRTB sits outside the statutory process.  The NHF has provided a note of the key sales stages but you will need to adapt your existing sales process to accommodate these, and think carefully about the form of the offer/contract.

For example, the section 125 restrictions on service charge provisions do not apply to the VRTB: what service charge information (if any) would you provide?

Further information

For more information about VRTB, please contact Jonathan Cox or  Emma Holmes