The assured tenancy NSP prescribed form is being changed from Wednesday 6th April 2016. The form can be found online (though as a pdf) here.

The Government does prepare Word versions of all housing prescribed forms here, but as of today (1st April 2016) these do not include the new form for after 6th April 2016.

We have prepared a Word version of the new NSP form and this is freely available to our clients by emailing

Do remember that as this form is “prescribed”, you must use it as it stands without amendment and change your own internal templates urgently. The new template must be used for all possession claims, whether for rent arrears or breach of tenancy or ASB etc, otherwise you can expect to see challenges and defences brought on the basis the wrong form was used. Although you can argue the form was substantially the same even if an old template is used, it will obviously avoid delay and greater legal costs if you use the right form first time.

Further information

For further information about the use of the new form, please contact Helen Tucker or Aimee Taroni.