The Civil Partnership (Opposite-Sex Couples) Regulations 2019 were made on 5 November 2019 and came into force on 2 December 2019, meaning that the first civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples in England and Wales took place over the festive season.

Following on from our previous article, Civil Partnerships – correcting the current imbalance, we summarise the key provisions of the new Regulations below:

  • Certain opposite-sex relationships, which are not marriages and were formed outside of England and Wales, can now be recognised as civil partnerships in England and Wales;
  • Religious premises can choose whether to seek approval to register all civil partnerships, civil partnerships for same-sex couples only, or civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples only. Religious organisations cannot be compelled to allow their premises to be used for all civil partnerships, same-sex civil partnerships, or opposite-sex civil partnerships;
  • The Regulations have amended relevant legislation so that opposite-sex parents in civil partnerships generally have the same rights as opposite-sex married parents;
  • Individuals can now apply for a gender recognition certificate to change their sex and gender in law without first having to dissolve their civil partnership, provided that the other civil partner consents;
  • Currently, only same-sex couples may convert their civil partnerships to marriage, although this is pending the outcome of a public consultation on the future of conversion rights; and
  • The current provisions recognising the dissolution, annulment or legal separation of a civil partnership granted overseas now apply to opposite-sex couples as they do to same-sex couples.

Opposite-sex civil partnerships are not yet legal in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but it is expected that they will soon be legalised.

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