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Maximum cash discount now £102,700 for London boroughs and £77,000 for all other regions 21st July 2014 [1]These apply to all current RTB and PRTB applications; landlords must reissue the s125 notice with the new amount as soon as reasonably possible. CPI increases take place on 6th April in each year
Cash discount increasing annually by CPI (September’s figures) 21st July 2014
Maximum discount for a house increased to 70% 21st July 2014
New RTB1 form 4th August 2014 Applies to RTB and PRTB applications

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  1. The Government has announced plans to change minimum eligibility period from five years public sector tenancy to three. This requires a change to the law. This is expected to be in place in late 2014, subject to Parliamentary approval.
  2. Moving forward, the transition rules won’t apply to new applications (i.e. when the discount increases next year landlords must not issue new notices).

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For further information please contact Emma Holmes at or on 0121 214 3704.

[1] Unless a tenant has informed the landlord in writing by 11th August 2014