18 January was this year’s ‘Blue Monday’, the day which is popularly asserted to be the most depressing day of the year, due to post Christmas debt, long dark nights, and the annual failure to keep bold new year resolutions.

This year that is overlaid with a new national lockdown and the ongoing stress of the pandemic, alongside uncertainty about how the new Brexit deals will pan out in practice. As we review the tumultuous events of last year and consider the future, it would be entirely understandable if there was a collective desire to retreat under the duvet and wait it out. We also have to acknowledge that lawyers, like everyone else, have proved poor at future predictions – especially those made in January 2020.

Nevertheless, a group of Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) experts from across our various client sectors have gazed into their crystal ball and given us a view on how 2021 is looking in housing, charities, social care, local government, and social business. We can see some key themes likely to emerge over the next 12 months.

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