Those involved explored questions including:

  • Can art be a positive influence on interfaith dialogue?
  • How can art create new spaces for conversations between people of different faiths?
  • How can an understanding of faith and inter-faith dialogue impact the arts?
  • How do we talk about art or religion that causes offense to others?

With the overall aim of considering:

‘How artists and people of different faiths can work together to create the conditions for communities to come together in new ways and share conversations that could not otherwise take place.'

As with the earlier Birmingham Conversations, the project provided a space for creative, imaginative conversation in order to:

  • build mutual understanding and respect for the opportunities and challenges of contemporary artistic work that relates to themes of faith and spirituality;
  • increase confidence amongst participants to engage with arts and faith projects;
  • build new links between like-minded individuals, groups, networks and initiatives and nurture the community of interest in Birmingham and UK around arts and faith;
  • develop ideas for high quality arts projects, happenings and events that bring people together in new ways in the city and make a positive contribution to quality of life and cohesion in Birmingham.

A full report of the conversations can be downloaded here.

For further information

Please contact Shivaji Shiva or Edwina Turner.