Social mobility

Social mobility is an issue that is at the core of our values and mission here at Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS), and the fight against socio-economic inequality is now more important than ever.

Social mobility is the relationship between our starting point in life and where we end up as adults. It has been defined by the Social Mobility Commission as the link between a person’s occupation or income, and the occupation or income of their parents. Where there is a strong link, there is a lower level of social mobility. Where there is a weak link, there is a higher level of social mobility.

There are a number of factors that can influence social mobility, some of which are interlinked. However, many of these factors have been exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic.

At ACS, we want to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their aspirations. We recognise that people come from different starting points and reach out to those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We bring people together from all walks of life and adapt our approach so that nobody is held back. We want to support other organisations in achieving the same.

The data shows that socio-economic background can create a comparable level of inequality and disadvantage to the protected characteristics in the Equality Act. If we want to ensure that our organisations are places where inequality and discrimination in all forms is stamped out, then it is vital that social mobility issues are given due consideration. As thought leaders in this field, we are actively involved in the conversation. We can assist you in navigating best practice.

Advice and support that we can provide

  • Collating and analysing data on socio-economic background.
  • Integrating social mobility into policies and strategy.
  • Training managers to recognise the inequality that socio-economic background can generate.
  • Reviewing your approach to recruitment and work experience to remove any barriers caused by socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Establishing a programme of outreach to support those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Creating a framework through which employees can volunteer whilst at work.
  • Reviewing your approach to line management and progression to ensure nobody’s background holds them back.

Anthony Collins Solicitors Social Mobility Toolkit

We’re excited to announce the launch of our free Social Mobility Toolkit, with thanks to generous sponsorship from Central England Co-operative and Boston Borough Council. The toolkit covers a variety of topics containing practical resources for employers who want to implement constructive processes to open up their workforce and create a positive working environment.

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