Our specialist team of property solicitors provide advice and support to social enterprises, whether landlords or tenants, on all aspects of entering into or exiting leases.

As a social enterprise you may be a landlord or a tenant and our experienced property team can work in partnership with you to ensure that any leases you enter into are consistent with any funding covenants or service-level agreements and are in compliance with sector-specific regulations.

Our extensive sector knowledge and experience means that we are well-placed to advise you, as a social enterprise, on all aspects of leases, including drafting, negotiating, renewing and terminating lease contracts. We also regularly assist organisations with the buying and selling of property and charging land.

We understand that from time to time disputes can arise when dealing with entering into or exiting leases, so our property team can help you to assess whether there is a case for dispute and can advise and support you through the dispute-resolution process. Ensuring that a workable outcome is reached as quickly as possible.

We act for charities from small community organisations and churches to large national and international charities, for social enterprises and large co-operatives and are adept at adjusting the service we provide to fit the needs and aspirations of different organisations.

Members of our team are committed to working with various sectors and regularly write and speak on developments in law and governance.

Our leases service

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, our experienced property solicitors provide advice and guidance to social enterprise on every stage of entering into and exiting leases, including:

  • Advice and support on drafting, negotiating, renewing and terminating lease contracts.
  • Advice on buying, selling and developing property.
  • Ensuring leases are consistent with funding and service-level agreements.
  • Providing advice on disputes in relation to leases or the buying and selling of property.
  • Dispute resolution through mediation or representation in court proceedings.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance.
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