Our experienced mediation team can support community organisations through every step of the mediation process, saving time and money.

In the early stages of dispute resolution, judges strongly encourage mediation as an alternative means of dispute resolution to costly and time-consuming court proceedings. Mediation can be a successful means of dispute resolution with around 75%-80% of cases reaching a binding settlement. At Anthony Collins Solicitors we recommend mediation as a cost-efficient alternative to court proceedings.

Our dispute-resolution team has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting social enterprises, co-operatives, mutuals, community-led enterprises, public sector spin-outs, tenant management organisations and values-driven businesses through the mediation process.

We understand the damage that can be caused by internal and external disputes and work to resolve disputes quickly and with minimum damage to your organisation's reputation. We will work in partnership with you to devise solutions in seemingly impossible situations.

Our mediation service

At Anthony Collins Solicitors our mediation team has extensive experience of dispute resolution through mediation and have many years of experience working with clients in the social-business sector. Our committed mediation team has supported clients through mediation on the following:

  • Resolving public-procurement disputes.
  • Addressing workplace issues to address dysfunctional teams, relationship or performance capability issues and any situation within an organisation that is impacting on effectiveness.
  • Resolving disputes between an organisation and its tenants and/or customers.
  • Resolving serious disputes that disrupt an organisation and might have reputational consequence or risks.
  • Resolving difficulties with suppliers and contractors, and other parties.
  • Settling property disputes, such as between commercial landlord and tenant, or between adjoining owners.

Our multi-disciplinary, dispute-resolution team includes accredited mediators, such as Andrew Lancaster, a CEDR accredited mediator. We work with clients to provide training in skills that enable organisations to effectively manage disputes should they arise.

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