Estate and tax planning solicitors

If you have a mixed portfolio of assets comprising property, investments and/or business interests, we can help you to consider how best to structure your affairs for the benefit of the next generation and/or your charitable and philanthropic aims – with a view to mitigating any potential tax liabilities and ensuring that you and your chosen beneficiaries are appropriately protected.

We use a range of tools, from trusts and wills to deeds of variation, and we regularly review the share arrangements in family companies to meet tax-planning and succession planning objectives. We also know that there may be additional complexities to be addressed, such as providing for a disabled child or family member or taking into account the position of a non-UK domiciled client, their spouse or partner. This is why we have experts in estate and tax planning on hand to help you out.

We understand that there is no such a thing as a typical client, a typical need or a typical solution. While common solutions to planning queries are well-known – for example, through using trusts or company structures – we seek to creatively formulate bespoke plans and, where necessary, structures for clients, accounting for their needs and goals.

We work closely with a client’s other advisers to ensure that the planning is a joint enterprise and that all advisers are working towards a common goal and plan. We understand that the greatest benefit to the client will be achieved with cooperation between their advisers. This is why our experts in estate and tax planning work as closely with you as possible.

Experts in estate and tax planning services

We are trusted by a varied range of clients with a diverse spread of challenges and goals. Professionals, with whom we work regularly, send us the novel, interesting and unusual issues that arise among their clients – this speaks volumes for our ability as a team. Members of our team have acted for individuals who have a particular tax problem and individuals with wealth of over £100m. We have acted for foreign royalty, household names from the worlds of entertainment and sports and people with wealth in jurisdictions around the world.

Our approach to tax planning is a bit different.  With the world of tax having become a political hot potato and facing some bad publicity, we have responded by setting out our approach to tax planning, stating what we will and won’t do for clients in a clear statement that you can find here. 

If you or a relative would like further information on how to best manage your estates and taxes or how our family law team can help you, please get in touch.


Donna Holmes


Partner in the personal planning team