Reputation management for health and social care providers

If your reputation has been undermined within or outside of the media our experienced team of reputation management solicitors can help you protect your reputation.

Health and social care providers, in the public and private sector, are frequently confronted by situations that pose risk to their reputation. These can range from operational issues, high profile inquiries, controversial decisions, critical media coverage and covert filming, by way, of example.

Due to the sensitive nature of the health and social care sector, it is imperative that health and social care providers safeguard themselves against risks to their reputation, whilst taking into consideration steps to be taken to protect and support their staff and retain the confidence of stakeholders.

The way in which organisations interact with social media is just one way an organisation needs to consider in its approach to reputation management. Within minutes of an incident happening, social media can come to life, portraying its own embellished and distorted view, and an organisation’s failure to act quickly and appropriately can lead to long-term reputational damage that has the potential to spread wide and far.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, our specialist team of reputation management solicitors work in partnership with our clients to defend against reputational risks and limit the reputational damage they can cause. We also have strong relationships with PR companies with whom we work to help manage the risk to reputation.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the health and social care sector ensures that we can advise and inform your response to any challenge facing your organisation. Our knowledge of the health and social care sector means that we can identify the risks quickly and help you develop a strategy to respond to and effectively manage a rapidly developing situation.

Our reputation management service

Our experienced reputation management team work in partnership with our clients to support them through times of reputational risk, including:

  • Issues to do with defamation.
  • Negative press coverage relating to care standards, disgruntled service users’ families and care home operations.
  • Social media posts from disgruntled employees, former employees or service users’ families.
  • Inaccurate CQC inspection reports.
  • Unfounded claims of poor care standards or poor working conditions.

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