Some of our deputyship clients have limited resources, meaning, as in the case of Mr M, every penny counts.

Mr M sustained a brain injury in a car accident when he was a young man. Due to this injury, he lacks capacity and requires a deputy under the Court of Protection (COP).

Mr M’s Caseworker, Anna Elwell, and his property and affairs deputy, Sheree Green, work closely together to ensure that his financial affairs are in order. A big part of this is ensuring that Mr M, like our other clients, is receiving the financial support that he is entitled to.

Mr M lives in his own privately owned flat. He received contribution-based ESA (Employment and Support Allowance), which meant that he did not qualify for any financial support to pay the ground rent or the £1,400 service charge on his flat.

Having looked at Mr M’s situation, Anna queried why he was not in receipt of income-based ESA that would entitle him to financial support for his ground rent and service charge. Anna established that Mr M had been on Incapacity Benefit previously, which had included a National Insurance contribution, which explained why, at that time, he was only entitled to contribution-based ESA. Anna applied to change Mr M’s benefit to income-based ESA and she secured part-contribution and part-income related ESA for Mr M. The new allowance also entitled Mr M to free services such as prescriptions and dental treatment.

Another application for support with Mr M’s housing costs produced a further contribution of £35 per annum to cover the cost of the ground rent. However, Anna felt that Mr M was owed a backdated payment. Through an appeal, she secured an 85% backdated contribution.

Now that Mr M’s financial affairs are in order, he can still afford to buy tickets for the occasional cricket match, which is a passion of his. At Anthony Collins Solicitors, our team take the time to learn about our clients; we don’t just want to know about their basic needs, but also about the other things in life that they enjoy.

Anna and Sheree continue to make changes to improve Mr M’s life. Recently, they have been working with Mr M’s parents to look into the prospect of supported living. This will ensure that Mr M continues to receive the care he requires in the future, while also lessening the level of support his parents will need to provide to him in their old age.

Helping clients to maximise their available income and reduce their regular expenditure is one of our specialist areas. In doing so, money is then released for the client to spend on non-essential things that improve their quality of life.

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