We acted on behalf of Mr X's widow from an early stage to secure medical negligence compensation, both to provide financial security for her in the future and in recognition of the huge loss she had suffered. This included representing her at the inquest and through court proceedings, and also providing support to her and her family through the inquest process. 

Mr X, 76, suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm (a swelling of the aorta). His family spoke to an NHS Direct nurse, who failed to appreciate the life-threatening nature of his symptoms. He was taken to hospital, where the doctors also failed to take prompt action and he subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest and died, in hospital, on Christmas Eve. His widow pursued a clinical negligence claim on behalf of his estate, which included a close family of children and grandchildren.

We secured compensation of £100,000 in an out-of-court settlement, thus avoiding the need for his widow and family to endure the upset and stress of a trial.

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We wanted a firm that had a reputation for dealing with ‘the authorities’, with no stone left unturned. My mother and I are very pleased with the tenacity with which this claim has been pursued, whilst managing our expectations. The compensation was never meant to replace our loss, however pursuing the case will hopefully concentrate the minds of everyone involved in the chain of neglectful care.  Thank you for enabling us to bring closure to this matter.
Mr X's daughter