We acted as clinical negligence solicitors on behalf of a client who suffered a delay in the diagnosis of appendicitis. At the time of the incident, he was a teenage boy in his last year of secondary school. He was admitted to hospital following a ruptured appendix and fluid collecting in his abdomen. Clinicians did not correctly diagnose him in a timely manner and, as such, he had a complicated recovery, including the development of abdominal abscesses. 

His recovery was further complicated with abdominal pain, which led to him having to have part of his small bowel removed. He soon developed portal vein hypertension (an increase in the blood pressure in the veins from the stomach, intestine, spleen and pancreas), and long-term complications, including iron-deficient anaemia, which means that he needed to attend hospital for monthly iron transfusions. As well as medical issues, his academic progress was also put back.

 As clinical negligence solicitors, we were instructed to act on behalf of the client in securing compensation for the injury he had suffered and the long-term complications this caused. This was an extremely difficult case, not only in relation to the liability issues (that were denied throughout and admitted only very late in the day) but also the ongoing holistic support that the client needed throughout a very difficult period. 

Due to the ongoing fatigue caused by his iron-deficient anaemia and abdominal pain, the client has not been able to work, school or univeristy in the years since the clinical negligence took place, and he relies heavily on his parents for all of his daily living activities. We helped with his overall rehabilitation by introducing him to appropriate part-time work, through our contact with our specialist rehabilitation experts and services, which gave him a feeling of self-worth and independence. This has helped to restore his independence and self-esteem.

The claim settled for £900,000 following a round table meeting.

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