Anthony Collins Solicitors are committed to attracting the best possible talent for our growing business, whilst ensuring that the experience of every candidate is at the very heart of our recruitment process.

We do that by sourcing and engaging with candidates directly wherever possible, however, we do also recognise the need to collaborate with recruitment agencies from time to time, particularly when we're under time pressure or when looking for the really niche skill-set that some of our teams require.

Our partners, lawyers and other busy professionals have important roles within the business and whilst attracting the right talent is high on their agenda, managing the recruitment process is not. That's why we have an experienced and dedicated HR team, so any introductions made outside of this team will not be deemed a valid introduction and we will not be bound by your terms and conditions.  All introductions must be made via our Applicant Tracking System following the agreement of terms and conditions.

If you do think you have the perfect candidate for one of our vacancies, or a candidate that has expressed an interest in working for us, please get in touch.  We'll then agree on terms and next steps with you to ensure that you receive the fee that you're owed if we do make an appointment.

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If you'd like more information, please contact our HR team directly by emailing

We're delighted that you're interested in working with us!