Supporting individuals in crisis

Looking beyond the obvious result
Our private legal services team take a holistic approach to resolving cases that looks beyond the outcome.

Our private legal services help individuals navigate a range of challenges. We support individuals on a range of legal issues from the devastating consequences of personal injury and clinical negligence, to relationship breakdown or managing the affairs of those who lack capacity.


Whatever the potential outcome, our goal is always to make the individual’s needs the focus of our efforts so that they are at the centre of everything we do. We look beyond the obvious result to make sure our work supports our clients in every way.


For example, catastrophic injury caused by clinical negligence affects more than the patient who received the negligent treatment. Partners, children and wider families suffer too. Not to mention the cost to society. Which is why Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) focus on far more than just the compensation due in such tragic situations. Ours is a holistic approach that puts the client at the centre of our support.


One of our most serious cases involved a 44-year-old wife and mother. She was diagnosed with a cyst on the brain. She was told that if it wasn’t removed, she could go blind and that the only way to remove the cyst was through a craniotomy (removing part of her skull).


During the surgery, she sustained brain damage and a stroke. Delays in recognising her condition resulted in a further stroke. Our client was only able to return home six years later and has been bed-bound and fully wheelchair dependent since the injury. She has impaired vision and has only limited use of her right arm, so she is entirely dependent upon others for round-the-clock care and support.


However, after 11 years of hard-fought litigation and negotiation, we have been able to secure a multi-million-pound settlement for her that will go a long way to providing security and peace of mind for the future.


But the compensation is only part of the support we have been able to offer her and the family. We arranged much needed tailor-made rehabilitation and therapy and the support of a specialist brain injury case manager in the private sector. This not only allowed her to take important strides in reaching her potential and enhancing her quality of life but also taking away the burden placed on NHS services.


The impact of the negligence had also put a huge strain on the family as a whole. Social services became involved in relation to the care of their children and the family was temporarily broken up due to an intervention. We supported them through this terrible journey calling on different specialists in our private legal services team and the wider firm.


Her finances will now be managed by our deputyship team as she does not have the cognitive ability to manage her own funds. The monies will mean the family can pay off the debt they had accumulated and buy a property suitably adapted for their needs. They will also be able to afford the private care, support and therapies that will make a significant difference to her quality of life - and importantly provide a safe and happy home for their children. 


Importantly the impact of this type of work has a wider relevance to society as a whole. By advising bodies on best practice, supporting individuals on complex challenges and offering a wide range of support, this in turn improves both public health and social care services as well as the outcomes for future cases and society at large.


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