Sharing our knowledge in a time of crisis
Over lockdown, we supported housing association (HA) clients with a weekly service on emerging legal issues.

As Covid-19 put society into suspended animation, many organisations had business-critical questions on the legal implications. For 12 of our HA clients, we devised an approach for the pandemic that enabled them to overcome significant issues and improve the services they provide to over 400,000 people in 200,000 homes.


When we initially talked to our clients at the start of lockdown, they had only asked us about four or five pandemic issues, but we had identified 60 legal issues they needed to take into consideration. Which put the associations at risk of being blindsided by 50 or more other possible problems.

"When it came to services to customers clearly this had a bigger impact and did take some time. Our primary objective was to make sure everyone was safe – customers and staff alike."
Heather Ashton, executive director at Thirteen Group

We realised it would be in all our HA clients’ interests, and of real benefit to the communities they serve, to share this knowledge by giving them collective access to all our legal knowledge on Covid-19 related matters.


By providing weekly schedules of the emerging legal issues, we were able to share our advice. The collective learning for the clients was definitely more than the sum of its parts.


Every week, one of our senior leads talked to an executive team member at the HA. From that conversation, they were able to commission bespoke legal advice and identify any further issues.

"The ACS Covid-19 response service was fantastic and really valuable. It was helpful to see the questions others were asking and the challenges other people were facing. It gave me the opportunity to share them with the executive team and board. It helped us check whether we’d thought of everything."
Heather Ashton, executive director at Thirteen Group

We also shared what we knew about the way national trade bodies were negotiating live Covid-19 issues with government and how other HAs were responding to the issues.


And we facilitated round-tables across four different business areas for directors to discuss issues of common interest with their peers.


For the entire 14 weeks of lockdown one, we offered unlimited advice and support on Covid-19 related issues for a flat rate per month with a guarantee that we would not charge if they were not happy with the service. As a result, our 12 HA clients had the advice they needed to cope with the unprecedented crisis and could focus on providing a great service in difficult times.


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