Enhancing public services

Regenerating Rochford to revitalise the community
To transform underutilised buildings, Rochford District Council turned to our local government property specialists.

Councils are experiencing even more constraints when it comes to financial budgets. Funds from central government are quickly eaten up by essential services. Rochford Council in Essex is no different. But, rather than focussing on generating income, they are looking to avoid future costs and team up with developers to revitalise the local area.


From procurement to construction

The council had many buildings that were falling into disrepair. Civic buildings and council offices were sitting empty and underused. The council had agreed a deal with a private developer – who would turn the buildings into homes, as well as commercial and community spaces. In return, the council would transfer some of their surplus land to the developer. This meant the council didn’t need to find any cash upfront.


Rochford District Council has its own legal team. But to help this ambitious project run smoothly, they asked our local government property specialists to advise on different aspects of the regeneration. In 2019, we were involved in the full procurement process, from invitation to tender, bidder responses, competitive dialogue through to appointment of the successful bidder. Once the procurement was complete, the team provided ongoing property and construction advice, and the deal was signed off in September 2020.

"Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) quickly formed a strong working relationship with the programme team of council staff and advisors. Thanks to their expertise, we navigated the path to appointing our development partner. Crucially for me as SRO, they understood the objectives of the programme strategy and shared the vision of what the council was seeking to achieve."
Matt Harwood White, assistant director, commercial services at Rochford District Council

Supporting local communities

Around the country, we’re seeing the demise of town centres. There’s a need to increase footfall – and this project will help do exactly that in Rochford. The local community will also benefit from new homes and modern spaces where they can grow their businesses.


Sandy Munroe, ACS partner and local government property team lead, says;

"I feel a sense of pride being involved in something that will not only add value but also help the local community. We know that fees are a big concern for councils, so we work alongside them as if we’re part of their in-house team. This was no different for Rochford. We fulfilled our brief and sought to keep legal spend to a minimum by recommending which elements of the project could be taken forward by the internal team."
Sandy Munroe, partner at ACS


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